Life, with Coffee ~ A Farm Wife's Perspective

About Jan Kaletha Meyers

The author… With a childhood dream of "writing a book", Jan grew up near the peaceful surroundings of the Indiana Dunes. When she married, a life of farming was on the horizon. A life deeply planted with devotion, challenges, love and faith. With an increasing awareness of her surroundings and looking for the positive side of life, she was led to a journey of self-discovery. This, her first book, was encouraged by those who follow her daily posts. A dream, to reality...

The mug… Now that it’s a fixture of every sunrise, she shares her thoughts and perspectives over a cup of coffee. This is Marcy Jo’s in Tennessee. Don’t let the quaint exterior fool you. Step inside! You’ll be filled with a home cooked meal, delectable desserts, and love! You can find them on Facebook.

Marcy Jo's in Tennessee


Although Joey and Marcy have given their blessings to use my mug in these photos for publication, it should be known that this is not a direct product of Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse and Bakery.

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